Anton’s Wors recipe – 6 kg meat


Anton’s Wors recipe – *** REVISED *** 7 kg meat and 1 kg speck


5kg                   Beef
2kg                   Pork
1kg                   Speck (hard fat found just under the skin)

70 ml                Salt
20ml                 Freshly ground black pepper
30ml                 All Spice
150grams          Ground coriander 
200 ml              Brown vinegar 
500 g                Bacon
40g                   Crushed fresh garlic
15 ml                Garlic spice
50 ml               Port/sherry/sweet red wine


  1. Skip the first few steps if you are using minced beef and pork.
  2. Prepare the casings by having them soak in warm water until needed.
  3. Prepare beef and pork by trimming off all sinew, and other nasty bits and pieces that may affect the texture.
  4. To facilitate mincing, cut meat and speck into strips about 2-3cm in thick.
  5. Roast coriander and cloves in a dry frying pan, tossing the spices about until uniformly brown and aromatic.
  6. Don’t allow to burn.
  7. Grind spices with a pestle and mortar, (I use my coffee grinder) sift to remove husks, mix with remaining spices and work it through the meat by hand. Making sure all the spices are evenly spread over the meat.
  8. Mix in fluids (wine/vinegar mix.)
  9. Mince meat through a course mincer for a rough texture.
  10. Allow the meat to be fed through with very little assistance from the tamper.
  11. Finish off by mincing a piece of bread to remove every vestige of meat from the mincer.
  12. Drain the casings and place over one end of the filling tube. Carefully push all of the casings on leaving a 5 cm length hanging down.
  13. Tie a knot in this.
  14. Grabbing hold of a second pair of hands at this point makes wors-making less traumatic.
  15. You can then feed the meat mixture in while your assistant hold the casings, guiding the filling in.
  16. Feed the mixture into the mincer a little at a time, while securing the casing with a gentle pressure of one hand on the horn to control the unrolling of the casing as its filled.
  17. Mould the sausage with your hand to make it uniformly thick.
  18. Don’t pack the casings too full, or the wors will burst while cooking, but try to avoid air bubbles.
  19. After the casing has been filled, remove it – still attached to the horn – from the machine.
  20. Push any remaining filling into the casing and tie a knot in the end.
  21. Enjoy!
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